June 16, 2010 – Board Meeting Minutes (draft)

Board Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2010 – 7:00 PM

Call to Order and Quorum — DeWitt Smith, Chairman

Quorum Present – DeWitt Smith, Don Roylance, Steve Hunt, Holly Christmas, Wayne Howcroft, Chris Herrmann, Marilyn Oblad, Devin Howells, Jeff Bair.
Guest – Larry Simpson

Review of Minutes from April 2010, recorded by Shawn Porter

Minutes approved.

Old Business

Goals for 2009-2010 – Progress review

Improve Communications with Community

Newsletter going to print
Need to work on membership lists still

Engage more Citizens

Garden Committee has many people interested.
New Neighbor Welcome packets created by Jeff

Respond to requests for help

Good Neighbor Sheet distribution.
Marilyn pointed out that rather than call the City to help our neighbors, we need to teach people where to call themselves.

Increase awareness of Liberty Wells features

Need to increase businesses involvement and increase community awareness of local businesses
Jim suggests working with the Chamber of Commerce to encourage neighbors to participate in Community Councils
What is in it for businesses to be involved? Increased awareness of neighbors.
What about a neighborhood business fair, or a meeting in the summer solely devoted to local businesses. Marilyn reminded council that we have a lot of open items on our plate that should be taken care of first.

Committees – where do we need help?

Larry asked about getting SLCC students involved in creating the newsletter.
Mobile Watch needs more people

Future Agendas

July: Politician, follow-up from oil spill, update on 1st Encampment Park Celebration preparations.

August: Jim Fisher and Emergency Preparedness

Holly asked if board members could sign up to be in charge of agendas. Relieve pressure on Chair and increase overall involvement. No decision was made on this.


One technical issue to be resolved for the City

Marilyn stressed that it needs to get out soon because of the advertisement for the First Encampment Park Celebration

Catching Neighbors “Doing it Right”

Delaying the yard recognitions until later in the summer due to the cold spring.

First Encampment Park Celebration

Need table with LWCC info.
Devin making table stand for info.
Jeff organizing book sale. Holly will send email to list asking for donations.
Need pictures of the event.

New Business

Future Meeting Location

SLCC is no longer able to host us due to construction. Need to find new location and then get word out about the new location.

Holly will call Aviary

Don will call about City County Building

Steve will contact Hawthorne School

DeWitt will contact Whittier School

Board Meetings for 2010-2011

Holly suggested a meeting including new members at the start, since the first meeting is not until September. We will have a short meeting after the regular July Meeting to get new members interests regarding committees. DeWitt will email new members the Committee list so they can review it in advance.


Next LWCC Board Meeting suggested for Wednesday, July 14, 2010 (SHORT, after regular meeting)