May 2018 Agenda


Meeting Agenda
Liberty Wells Community Council
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Tracy Aviary Education Center

7:00 PM Welcome, Introductions and Announcements  – Bill Davis, chair Call to order and quorum

  • Review and approval of April 11 minutes (download PDF here)
  • Board elections: second notice and call for nominations at the end of the meeting
  • Bylaws vote will take place at the end of the meeting, so please stick around (download PDF here)

Liberty Park Market updates

  • Annette Shade and Lacey Ott,

Public Safety Reports

  • SLC Fire Department, Station 8
  • Det. Andrew Pedersen, 801-799-3625 or

Main Program Items

Capitol Motel project update

  • Joe Post, director of real estate development and project management, Housing Authority of SLC, or 801-428-0556

Cleveland Court condominiums project (300 East block of Cleveland Ave)

  • Peter Corroon, president, Century Financial, 801-303-1114

Paint the Pavement

  • Presenter pending

Homeless Pilot Project Update

  • Lindsey Nikola,
  • Deeda Seed,

City Council District 5 update

  • Erin Mendenhall, 801-535-7786 or

Mayor’s Office update

  • Tim Cosgrove, 801-538-7238 or

Community Council housekeeping items

  • Vote to ratify proposed bylaws (download PDF here)
  • Call for nominations to the LWCC board

8:30 PM Adjourn – Please lend a hand with putting tables and chairs away.