January 2019 Agenda

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Liberty Wells Community Council
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2018
Tracy Aviary Education Center


7:00 PM Welcome, Introductions and Announcements – Bill Davis, chair

  • Call to order and quorum
  • Notice that this meeting is being live-streamed and recorded
  • Reminder to add your name to the meeting log
  • What topics would you like us to cover at future meetings? Provide your feedback online or with our printed surveys at the meeting.
  • A recording of the November meeting may be found here: https://youtu.be/AWnomK2DsWw

Local Business Spotlight

Ute Crossfit, 543 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City  

  • Brittany Perkins, 385-985-3883

Public Safety Reports

Main Program Items

City Council District 5 update

  • Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City Council, 801-535-7786 or erin.mendenhall@slcgov.com

Mayor’s Office update

  • Tim Cosgrove, 801-535-7238 or tim.cosgrove@slcgov.com

Bylaws Update

  • In September, the community council voted to amend the bylaws to change the accounting year from a fiscal year (ending June 30) to a calendar year (ending December 31).
  • Traditionally, board terms and the accounting year were the same. Since we moved the accounting year, they no longer correlate.
  • We propose amending the bylaws (see page 13 here) to align the election year with the new accounting year, with the following transitional accommodations:
    1. The current board chair and the vice chair will switch roles when this proposal is adopted. The new chair and vice chair positions will be up for re-election in July 1, 2019, as previously stated in the bylaws.
    2. All board positions will continue their current term until July 1, as previously stated in the bylaws. Elections for interim terms of six months will take place in June to finish the calendar year.
    3. The new election cycle will be effective December 2019. The procedure for nominations and elections will remain the same.
  • This proposal may be considered for a vote at the February community council meeting.

8:45 PM Adjourn!