April 2020 Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Liberty Wells Community Council

Wednesday, April 08, 2020


How to Join

Option 1: Join from your telephone. 

  • Dial 312-757-3121. When prompted for the access code, press 269-501-437.

Option 2: Join from your computer, tablet, or smartphone (requires a software download). 


7:00 PM Welcome and Announcements (10 min.) 

  • Call to order and quorum.
  • This meeting is being recorded. A recording of past meetings may be found on Facebook.
  • Meeting ground rules (PDF)
  • Asking questions tonight.
    • If you joined us from your computer, raise your hand or submit your question in the Q&A box in the bottom right corner of your screen.
    • If you dialed in by phone, we’ll reserve some time for you to ask questions, too.
  • What non-agenda topics would you like to discuss tonight? The final 10 minutes of the meeting have been set aside for this purpose. Share those with us now or send your ideas to us using the Q&A box in the bottom right corner of your screen.


7:15 PM Local Organization Spotlight (5 min.)

If you have the means, keep supporting local businesses through no-contact delivery and pickup. 

  • Find a local restaurant: https://supportutahdining.com/
  • When in doubt, call the business. Other shops not on this list are still practicing safe delivery and pickup. (Animalia is delivering bulk soaps; Tea Grotto is filling bulk tea orders.)


7:25 PM District 5 police report (10 min.)


7:35 PM Resurfacing Project: 500 East between 900 and 1300 South (10 min.)

500 East, between 900 and 1300 South, is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2020. The city wants to know more about your experience driving, walking, and riding on this section of street. Do you feel safe? What do you like or dislike?


7:45 PM Neighborhood Byway Improvements to 600 East and 1700 South (10 min.)

As part of the city’s neighborhood byways initiative, the bulbouts at this intersection will be updated to allow cyclists to access light signal buttons. Learn more about this project.

  • Adan Carrillo, Manager of Transportation Engagement, SLC Engineering Division, Adan.carrillo@slcgov.com


7:55 PM Mayor’s Office Update (15 min.)


8:10 PM City Council Update (15 min.)


8:25 PM Open Agenda


8:45 PM Adjourn! 

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